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Are you conscious of your cat’s health? And want to figure out whether your feline is a bit overweight or underweight? Cat Obese Chart will help you do that.

Cats are fluffy furry creatures, so sometimes, finding out when a little bit becomes too much for your pet friend is challenging. Weighing your pet is not the right solution; a healthy cat depends on various factors such as the cat’s breed, age, gender, etc.

The cat’s BMI calculator is specifically designed to answer your question, “Is my cat overweight?” Obesity is becoming a more and more common disease among cats. By using the cat BMI calculator, you can check your cat’s weight to determine whether it’s the time to adjust to their lifestyle or not!

The cat BMI calculator (Body Mass Index) identifies the ideal weight. The cat owners use the BMI calculator to check their fellow pet’s weight and body condition. Cat BMI calculator tells whether your cat’s weight falls within a healthy or normal range. So you can quickly check whether your little feline is underweight or overweight.

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How To Take Measurements For Cat BMI Calculator

The Cat BMI calculator is based on the feline Body Mass Index to estimate your cat’s body fat. You need to take only two measurements to use the cat BMI calculator. If you want to check your cat’s body weight, follow the instruction given below:

  • To measure ribcage, make sure that your cat is standing with its head in the upright position.
  • Then measure your cat’s ribcage. Ideally, you should measure the 9th rib level by the cat’s front legs.
  • After measuring the cat’s ribcage, you need to measure the cat’s lower back leg length, from ankle to knee.
  • I hope you have taken the measurement accurately now; the last and final step is to put these values in the cat BMI calculator. Or you can also calculate it on your own by using the equation below.

FBMI = (((Rib cage/0.7062) – Leg length )/0.9156) – Leg length

How To Check The Result? Cat Obese Chart Ranges

There are 5 BMI ranges for humans but little felines, but it is different. For cats, the FBMI ranges are reduced to 4.

Below 15    (<15)Underweight
From 15 to 29.9    (15 – 29.9)Normal Weight
From 30 to 42    (30 – 42)Overweight
Above 42    (>42)Obese


Let’s take an example for a better understanding. For instance, a cat has the following length:

ribcage circumference = 14 inches
Lower back leg length = 2 inches

Now putting these values in the formula gives the value of FBMI. So,

FBMI = 44.4

The value of the FBMI is greater than 42 ( FBMI > 42), which indicates that your cat is overweight. So if you want your cat to be healthy, then the range should come between 15 to 29.9.

Cat Obese Chart

For more detailed information regarding the above body variations of your feline body click here

How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

If your cat lies in the category of Obese, don’t worry. Here are some tips that will help your cat lose weight. Obesity leads to various diseases. So it means that maintaining a healthy weight for your little feline is much more necessary. Once you aim to take action for your cat’s better health, you can use the cat BMI calculator to check your pet’s progress. Below are a few things you should do to help your kitten lose weight:

  •  Play with your cat as it can be a pleasant exercise for your cute furry friend.
  •  Cut back on treats. Offer your free time and attention to your cat as a treat.
  •  And if you keep the treats, then slightly reduce the amount of everyday food. However, make sure that your cat doesn’t starve.
  •  Replace the dry pet food with canned food, which tends to have higher proteins and carbohydrates. Through canned food, your cat will be fuller for a long time.
  •  If you have two or more cats, feed the overweight one in a separate room.?p=767&preview=true

How You Can Help Your Cat Maintain A Healthy Weight

If your cat is healthy and you want to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. Diet and regular exercise are the two main things that can play a significant role in maintaining your cat a healthy weight. Here are some things you should you can do to help your pet.

  •  Make sure that you are feeding your furry feline the right amount and the right kind of food.
  •  Choose food enriched in protein and feed your cat with a mixture of wet and dry food, as dry food leads to obesity.
  •  Use a feeder to slow down feeding time.
  •  Provide access to fresh water to your feline all the time.
  •  Cats need to do exercise to stay strong and healthy. But your indoor cats have no such activity. So you can bring them toys and games. And you can also spend your free time playing with them.

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