Cat Mating Season and Reproduction – 7 Facts You Should Know Before


The ‘heat season’ in the cats refers to the fact that a cat is ‘ready to mate’. These heat cycles tend to remain around 2-3 weeks until she is spayed. During the heating season, your cat may show eccentric behavior which you might not be able to understand. 

If you are worried about your pet or a stray cat, here is what you need to know everything about cat mating and reproduction. We are sure this will help you!

Female Cat Heat Season

Do you know that the old myth “cats get sexually matured at the age of six months” has been rejected? Yes! A female cat reaches its sexuality at the age of 4 months. She will have heat cycles of approximately 3-4 weeks during the breeding season. The queen’s heat cycles lie between February to October. Albeit, in the western hemisphere the duration is estimated from March to September. Female cats do not ovulate unless they are bred. These heat cycles last for two weeks or even longer and they tend to reoccur every two to three weeks. Older cats have fewer heat cycles as compared to younger female cats. Once the pregnancy occurs, heat cycles stop.
Note: Heat, Oestrus, and estrus are the same names for heat cycles in cats.

Male Cat Heat Season

A male cat heating season is usually from September to March. Toms take 6-12 months to reach their sexual maturity. However, if a tom has reached its sexuality, he can mate with a queen whenever she allows it.

Your Cat is in Heat: Symptoms and Behavior

Both male and female cats show different behaviors whey they start their heating cycles. if you find any of them in your female queen cat or male tom cat it means heating cycle has been started.

  • 1) The sound of the cat differs from the usual mewling. She rather growls and makes odd and unnecessary moaning.
  • 2) Sometimes cats do it to show that they are in pain. A queen shows mating behavior: she rolls, rubs against her back, gets clingy, and affectionate.
  • 3) A queen seems confused if it's her first time.
  • 4) They call out each other and waggle their tails as a sign of sexual behavior.
  • 5) They want to be out of the house - roaming and find a partner for mating eagerly.
  • 6) Male cats sprout urine uncontrollably and indulge in the fights more.
  • 7) Male cats become demanding during their heat cycles.

Signs of Pregnancy in Female Cats

Both male

  • The appetite of the cat increases than usual
  • A large abdomen
  • Swollen mammary glands
  • The queen finds a shady secluded spot to rest and sleep

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