Top 11 Unique Exotic Farm Animals You Need to Know


We all know that many animals are raised on farms, like cows, hens, sheep, goats, chickens, etc. But do you know that there are many more farm animals?

Some exotic animals are also raised on private farms. Exotic pets are rare and unusual to keep. They are generally considered wild species, and it’s against the country’s law to own them.

Are you interested to know about what other exotic animals are raised on the farms and the reason behind raising the exotic farm animals? Bringing here the most accurate information about the exotic farm animals being enclosed in farms for various purposes like meat, fur, and oil.

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Below is the list of exotic farm animals raised on farms.

10 Unique Exotic Farm Animals

1 Zebra

Have you ever thought that Zebras would be on the top of the list while talking about exotic farm animals? Yes, Zebras are elegant, graceful creatures, which we have seen various times during our visit to the zoo. You will be surprised to know that zebras are not only found in conversations parks, zoos, and in the wild. But they are also kept on private farms. But why?

The U.S. laws permit owning a Zebra, and it's perfectly legal. About 3,000 zebras are there in American backyards. But beyond that, Zebras are kept on private farms to get meat. Their meat is used in different states. But it's pretty sad to see this beautiful creature framed for their meat.

2 American Water Buffalo

American water buffalo, also called Asian water buffalo, is another exotic farm animal. They have their origin in the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia. But nowadays, they are also found in Australia, Europe, North and South America, and some African countries. They have a life span of up to twenty-five (25) years.

American water buffalo are framed for three purposes: training draft animals, meat production, and dairy production.

Experts believe that American buffalos are very intelligent. That's why American water buffalos are more efficient than beef cattle. Moreover, they are more resilient to parasites and can be trained from childhood. That makes them more beneficial.

The Asian water buffalos don't come with a huge expense. But for starters, this Asian water buffalo costs a lot. Because of their huge size, they need special farm equipment like feeders, corral panels, and heavy water containers.

3 Alpacas

Alpacas are one of the sweetest exotic farm animals. Alpaca is a South American Specie of the Camelidae family. They are the most loved animals with floppy tufts and delightful eyes. Alpacas are very calm, obedient animals with a life span of twenty (20) years.

Alpacas are famous for their silkiest fibers. That's why they have been domesticated longer than cattle and sheep. The two breeds of Alpacas, Suri and Huacaya, have been raised for clothing purposes. Both these breeds have their specialties. Suri is well known for its silky fleece. In contrast, Huacayas are ideal for their fluffy fleecy appearance.

Alpacas are very profitable for fiber farming as every animal produces approximately 6 – 8 pounds of fiber daily.

4 Emus

The emu is the 2nd largest non-flying bird in the whole world. It is also the tallest native bird of Australia. They are very quick and agile birds who can run 30 miles per hour. The height of an emu is 5 feet, and its weight reaches 100 pounds approximately. Their brownish and grayish body feathers provide them protection from solar radiation.

They are raised on farms for two main reasons; first, oil production, and the other is meat production. The American Heart Association believes that Emus meat is healthy to lower cholesterol. In addition, Emu oil is used in many beauty products like lotions, face serums, shampoos, and serums and is quite costly.

5 Elk

Elk is the largest specie of deer, also known as Wapiti. Elk is the subspecies of red deer found in central Asia and North America mountains. Elk lives in mountain meadows, forest edges, and forests. But today, elks are more likely to be found in private forms rather than in the wild.

Compared to cattle, Elk are easy to raise. They are not picky and can eat anything from tree bark to bushes. They eat a bit extra to prepare themselves for winter. By eating more, they preserve the fat, which helps them to survive in the cold weather.

Elk are mainly used for their meat, velvet, and antlers. Elk meat is a healthy substitute for red meat and is available in many restaurants. For eras, the elk antler velvet has been used to manufacture Chinese medicines. The Bull Elk starts producing 9 pounds of velvet at age two. And this quantity keeps on increasing with an increase in age.

6 Zebus

Zebu is the oldest breed of cattle found on farms. Zebus is a humped domestic cattle having its origins in the Indian subcontinent. Zebus is among one of the smallest cow breeds in the world. There are about 75 different species of Zebus that differ due to size, color, and habits. Zebus are capable of surviving in hot and moist environments easily. These strong exotic animals live very long lives.

Farmers are using Zebus for various purposes. They provide meat and dairy. Every inch of the Zebu is valuable. Meat that comes from Zebus hump tastes similar to truffles and caviar.

Zebus are also used to raise calves from cows of other breeds. Zebu has a high resistance to parasites and viruses. And hold a maternal behavior so they better protect their offspring from predators.

7 Sheep Pigs

Sheep pigs are hairy pigs. They don't have sheep DNA but are closely related to wild boar. It is a rare pig breed originating in Hungary and Austria. A sheep pig's price is 5 times higher than a normal pig's.

Sheep pigs are raised on farms for meat and wool purposes. Because of its hair fleece, it is easy to compare a sheep with a Mangalica. Their wooly coat helps them to survive the whole year outdoors. Mangalitsa eats potatoes and pumpkins.

Due to the color difference, there are three types of sheep pigs. They have their population in Hungary, but they are also found in U.K. and U.S. The sheep pigs are the most popular breed worldwide, but many people like to have these furry animals on their farms.

8 Caterpillars

Like you, I was also surprised when I learned that caterpillars are also being raised on farms. But why? How can a caterpillar be advantageous to anyone?

After some research, I discovered why caterpillars are raised on farms. Silk is a natural protein fiber made from cocoons of mulberry silkworms. The process starts with the cultivation of silkworms on the mulberry tree leaves. As the worms start pupating in their cocoons, they are dissolved in boiling water to bring the individual long fibers, which are then fed into the spinning reel.

9 Worms

Worms are bilateral animals with cylindrical tube-shaped bodies with no eyes or limbs. Worms decay the compost and are also good at adding nutrients to the soil, making worms a tremendous investment for farmers.

But besides that, worms are an excellent food for birds and fishes. So many people buy worms to feed their pets. I hope you have got to know the reason why worm farms exist?

10 Snakes

Snakes are scary creatures with a life expectancy of 20 – 30 years. There are about 300 species of snakes on the earth. But most of them are not venomous. Even though there are no official snake farms, snakes are being raised on some private farms for commercial purposes.

Snakes are exotic animals that are kept on farms for venom extraction. Many researchers are using snake venom for research. Scientists study snake venom to find antidotes for snake bites. It's also believed that snake venom can effectively treat various cancers.

11Miniature Pigs

Miniature pigs are mini pigs, micro pigs, pygmy pigs, and teacup pigs. They are also bred on farms to be small and friendly. They typically live an average life of 15 – 18 years.

However, their weight reaches 65 pounds once they mature, which can grow to 200 pounds in adulthood. And can cause trouble for their owners. So if you want to own them, be ready to take care of their adulthood too. It's a big commitment so you must think about it.

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