13 Therapy Animals- Best Small Pets For Anxiety


A cute pet companionship can work wonders for human anxiety. Pets can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. In addition, these small pets can also ease loneliness and encourage playfulness and exercise in humans, which improves their cardiovascular health. This is because pets provide emotional support to overcome all symptoms of anxiety in humans.

Pets, especially dogs, bring healing to our minds and body. But what if you don’t want to have a large animal in your home or you don’t have space for a large animal in your home? What will you do now?

You don’t need to worry; there are cute best small pets for anxiety. These adorable pets will only take up a small space. They will surely help you to ease your anxiety, depression, and feeling of loneliness.

Whether you are looking for the best small pets for anxiety for yourself, your partner, or your child, I have brought a wide range of these small cute pets that will boost your self-esteem and promote a joyful and love-filled homeland.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down the list to ensure that dogs are not the only animals that provide emotional support to humans. Look at the top 13 best cute small pets for anxiety and choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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1 Rabbit

The rabbits appear at the top of the list of best small pets for anxiety, proving themselves great therapy pets. Rabbits are gentle, fluffy creatures that quickly form an outstanding bond with their owners. Rabbits keep bursting with various personalities to make your daily life exciting and fulfilling. In addition, Rabbits have relatively low maintenance. So how can anyone resist getting these twitched-nosed bunnies in your home?
Rabbits being one of the best small pets for anxiety are suitable for children as well as for the parents themselves. So, if you want to have one cute furry pet to help you reduce your anxiety, then a rabbit can be your first choice. Once you have a good bond with your rabbit, it’ll be resting in your lap for hours and cuddling with you. This is what any person striving from anxiety looks for.
The rabbit’s life span is 6 – 8 years, so try your best to have a wonderful time with your pet. I know it wouldn’t be hard for you to fall in love with these cute furry affectionate creatures.

2 Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs make great pets when you are dealing with anxiety and depression. These little cute, cuddly, and playful pets can be beneficial when you have anxiety. Guinea pigs are highly social and loveable pets but, unfortunately, not overly demanding.
Let allow a Guinea Pig to rest on your chest, and it will be going to relax your body and soul. Guinea pigs can calm your nerves and make you feel joyful and contented. But make sure that you take good care of your little pet as they stay happy with their kind. You can bring them one or more little friends of their type.
Guinea Pigs have an average life span of 5 – 7 years and are low-maintenance pets. This indicates that you don’t need to constantly lean toward them.


Ferrets are curious, social, and even-tempered pets best for you when dealing with anxiety. Ferret is a therapy animal that instills a sense of calmness in its owners. Ferrets bring a source of relief and peace for persons suffering from anxiety.
A ferret cuddle can fade away all your anxiety in seconds. You can also watch TV shows on Netflix and read books while cuddling with your cute companion.
Ferrets may initially give you a little hard time as they are challenging to handle, making them unsuitable for kids. However, they get adjusted later, and you both will fall in love quickly.
The lifespan of a ferret is 5 – 10 years, and they need 14 – 18 hours of daily sleep.


I know you haven’t considered a turtle on the list of pets for anxiety. But believe me, turtles can be great pets if you want to alleviate anxiety.
Box turtles are tremendously social and can help you better cope with your anxiety. These tiny creatures can also prove themselves great companions for your kids. Turtles are even-tempered and relatively easy to look after. This makes them an excellent option for shy kids who often get afraid of large animals like dogs. A turtle’s calm presence is enough to soothe your mind.
Generally, box turtles have a life span ranging from 25 – 35 years but can also survive to 100 years.


Hamsters are cute, chubby, and entertaining animals that have been established as popular small pets. Hamsters are affectionate pets that can be perfect for you if you are looking for a little loveable family member. Hamsters can help alleviate your anxiety.
Hamsters are independent creatures, so to form a strong bond with your little pet, you must spend time with them. But once you bond with this chubby pet, you can enjoy increased self-esteem, lower anxiety, and reduced anxiety symptoms.
Hamsters don’t need daily walks, and they need less food. And can give you great companionship without being too drained of your mental and physical energy. So when you rely on your pets for peace and happiness, you should take care of them too.
Hamsters live in small spaces and are extremely cute. They have a life span of 2 – 3 years. I know that’s a pretty short time. Hamsters crave spaces and toys for enrichment. So you can provide them with plenty of space, many hiding spots, and numerous toys, which will make your pet blissful.

6 Fish

Have you ever noticed aquariums in the waiting room of hospitals? These are not without reason. They are placed in such places because they help to ease nerves and instill a feeling of tranquility.
Research shows that aquariums are very helpful in reducing pulse rate, easing pain, and encouraging healthier eating. So can you see how influential a simple fish tank can be?
So a simple tank with many colorful fishes can be a great way to reduce depression and stress, boost your mood, and increase focus. I know you can’t get the affection and love from any other animal on this list like cuddles. But simply watching the colorful fishes swimming around can do a lot of wonders for your mental health. The fishes are quiet animals and also don’t require too much attention.

7 Lizard

“Some reptiles do enjoy their interaction with humans”. This is true for some turtles and as well as lizards. Lizards are fascinating low-maintenance pets and can be great therapy pets for anyone suffering from anxiety. Lizard’s compliant nature not only makes them a perfect pet for adults but children too.
Lizards will be providing you with emotional support. As your pet dog, this little creature will sit next to you and sometimes curl up on you to help reduce your anxiety.
So it is not only the physical touch that can reduce anxiety but the outside motivation involved. In other words, you can think of another thing other than yourself. So when you look after your pet besides taking care of their diet, food, and habitat, your attention gets diverted from worries into something more positive.

8 Chihuahua

Research shows people who have pets have lower blood pressure levels than those who don’t. A cute, fluffy, funny, and tiny dog, Chihuahua is here to help you with your anxiety and mental and physical health problems. Besides their cute appearance, they are also capable of helping a person stay more active and feel less lonely.
According to a study in 2019, students participated in the Animal Visitation Program. After 10 minutes of hands-on petting, they experienced a lower stress hormone level. So spending time with a pet dog can significantly reduce human stress levels.
But there are many dog breeds. So for you, which one will be the best? The experts suggest Chihuahua. Chihuahua weighs less than six pounds and requires minimal exercise, making them relatively low-maintenance pets. Moreover, Chihuahuas also emotionally support their owners through stress and feeling of loneliness.
Chihuahuas are fun-loving, loyal, and energetic pets that give you company while watching TV shows.

9 Cat

How can the list of Best small pets for anxiety be completed without listing Cats? When there is scientifically proven evidence that cats can be wonderful, sweet companions that help alleviate the stress, anxiety, and blood pressure in their owners.
Cats are lower maintenance and less costly than dogs. But still, they offer unconditional love and have many psychological benefits. Cats as pets can calm your nerves and lessens anxiety. Cuddling and cozying up with your furry pet can turn your bad day into a good one.
Even I had a cat named Elsa over the past years; she was a wonderful, affectionate pet. Cats require proper attention, time, and care, so if you are easily overwhelmed, you should go for any other pet on the list that requires less care.

10 Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs may not be cuddly pets like any other animals on the list. However, still, they are adorable, loveable, and friendly. Hedgehogs can be your great companions and become more social if you handle them with care when they are still young.
Hedgehogs have a life span of 2 – 5 years. During their lifetime, ensure you are fully available to devote your time and attention to your pet hedgehog. Or aim to give your new pet at least thirty minutes daily to build a strong connection with them.
Besides that, Hedgehogs are social and sweet and more vulnerable to health issues. So if you can’t manage to give your pet good care and daily time, then you should opt for another pet.

11 Chinchilla

Chinchillas are quiet, clean, and attractive rodent that make excellent pets. Chinchilla loves a good cuddle. They are social, playful, and friendly pets. Chinchillas require the least attention and are great low-maintenance pets.
So if you are feeling lonely and looking for an enchanting roommate, chinchillas are an excellent option. And I know you’ll soon be in love with your new furry friend.
Chinchillas are not nocturnal; they are crepuscular and sleep when you are at work. Chinchillas will be adding structure to your life and will be a reason to get you up every morning. Moreover, chinchillas are great listeners and can live up to 10 – 20 years.

12 Parrot

Studies say that watching a bird can be good for your mental health. Watching a bird can work as a therapy for people suffering from anxiety. The best bird to choose among the birds is Parrot. Parrots are colorful companions that abundantly interact with their human counterparts.
Parrots can help you keep entertained and alleviate your loneliness. Some parrots also do talk and allow you to relieve stress and instantly boost your mood by mimicking what you say. Parrots enjoy petting once a trust bond gets established.
But parrots are generally not good child pets due to their potential lifespan and the required care. As parrots must be carefully managed around species like cats and dogs.

13 Cricket

The last animal that falls under the category of best small pets for anxiety that I’ll be discussing is a Cricket. Cricket may not be the most conventional pet, but they are good companions for people suffering from anxiety. Even if you are not able to cuddle with them, they are going to entertain you. Crickets are easy to maintain and are perfectly safe to be held.
So if your little child is feeling anxious and lonely, you can bring them a pet cricket or two. Tell them how to feed and hold a cricket and then assign them a role to take care of them. The new role of caregiver will surely lower their feelings of anxiety.

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