8 Best Horse Movies On Netflix


Welcome to the ultimate guide on the “Best Horse Movies on Netflix” for all you equine enthusiasts and movie buffs out there! If you’re looking for heartwarming stories, thrilling adventures, or simply the breathtaking beauty of these majestic animals, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be galloping through our top picks of horse-themed movies available on Netflix, each one uniquely showcasing the powerful bond between humans and horses. So saddle up and let’s embark on this cinematic journey, as we explore the magnificent world of equestrian films that are just a click away!

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8 Best Horse Movies On Netflix

1 War Horse (2011)

This movie was made in the background of world war 1. It was based on a novel written by Michael Morpurgo and published in 1982. This is the story of a horse who witnesses the tragedies of war. It was named one of the ten best films in 2011 by the American Film Institute.
The story tells the journey of a horse who was raised by a British teenage boy - Albert. Later, the horse was bought by the British army.
War Horse was produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. Which proved to be an epic masterpiece. The movie covers the happenings of the whole of world war 1.

2 Walk. Ride. Rodeo (1999)

Walk. Ride. Rodeo was released in 1999. It is a good movie to watch on Netflix with your family. It's a story about young couples who lived on a ranch learning about love and responsibilities in life.
The movie has a marvelous scene of Horseracing. The heroine of the movie is a horse enthusiast who trains her horse for a racing competition. On this quest, she falls in love with a guy who teaches her to respect horses and the responsibilities of life.
Fortunately, the film leads to a happy ending. The story has a remarkable amalgamation of strength and courage that keeps the girl’s spirits high.

3 A Champion Heart - A Horse From Heaven

Although this movie is underrated, it's still a masterpiece. The horse lovers loved it and it received positive reviews from all around the world.
This is a story of a young girl who lost her mother and was grieving over her when she found a companion horse. The 15 years old girl finds hope, faith, courage, healing, and happiness through companionship with her horse.
After her mother’s death, she was in dismay and was trying to make some new friends. Unfortunately, in the end, she came up with betrayal.
As a result, she was forced to spend the time in an equine sanctuary. Here she meets with a wounded horse. By the end of the movie, her faith is restored.

4 Black Beauty (1994)

Black beauty is a story based on a novel. This was the best book among the books based on horse stories. This is the best horse movie to watch on Netflix.
The story is written in Anthropomorphism; from a horse’s point of view. The life of the Black beauty is filled with sorrows, joys, relationships, and struggles.
This story has two dimensions; the first is how horses have been badly treated in equine - that horses require the same honor and dignity.
The second is how a horse endures everything throughout his life. The web of challenges in the life of the horse makes the story emotional. This is a great story to be watched and read.

5 National Velvet

National Velvet is a classic movie that is based on a novel too. It tells us the story of a little girl who was in love with the horses.
She has a horse but is untrained so she decides to train him for the race. The girl truly dreams of winning it. She had a strong bond with her horse for which she believed in him and put all her efforts into training him for the jumping race.
At last, she makes it happen and wins the race. It tells us the lesson that how important is determination in our lives. With courage and faith, we can make the impossible possible.

6 Heartland

Heartland is not a movie rather it's a serial drama on Netflix which has 10 seasons. The set is played on a ranch. The main character of the story is a fifteen years old girl who is a horsemanship practitioner.
She saves an abused horse. During the healing process, her mother dies. After her death, she takes charge of saving horse lives.
Throughout the season, she tries to establish a good relationship with her father and sister who don’t appreciate her in this practice.
During her journey of saving the horses, she faces a lot. Odds come in her way but she thinks to never give up on serving horses. The series has a million viewers.

7 Flicka

The story of Flicka is inspired by the novel My Friend Flicka 1941, where a young girl has a wild horse. The film was a popular hit among horse movies.
The film made a great success in 2006. Following this success, Flicka 2 came out in 2010. The movie reveals the story of a young girl who claims a wild horse.
Her father was against her but she challenged him. It shows the determination and bravery that a girl can do anything. She runs a horse farm alone and meets the expenses of the family.
The story is constantly filled with adventures that the girl and Flicka had. How she tried to win over her father, is a constant battle.

8 Dreamer

Dreamer is based on a true story of a family who raises and trains thoroughbreds. This movie was released in 2005.
In the story, the father is a devoted horse trainer who cares for the horses more than his family. It makes his daughter interested in horses. She urges him to take her to the work. One of the prize racehorses gets injured and is sold to her father. The girl likes that horse and cares for it.
The bond between the two brought many challenges for the girl, especially from her family. This is an epic true story of the human-animal bond and the crisis of the family.


In conclusion, Netflix offers a captivating collection of horse movies that cater to a wide range of tastes and emotions. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian enthusiast or simply looking for an engaging film to enjoy, these movies showcase the unbreakable bond between humans and horses, as well as the beauty and power of these incredible animals. We hope our list of the best horse movies on Netflix has sparked your interest and will provide hours of entertainment for you and your loved ones. So, grab some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and let these equine masterpieces whisk you away on an unforgettable cinematic adventure. Happy streaming!

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