Hedgehog Lifespan – How Long Do Hedgehogs Live?


A pet Hedgehog sounds interesting, but Do you know how long Hedgehog’s lifespan is? Have you ever thought of how long this animal lived?

Hedgehogs are spiny mammals of the genera Erinaceinae. In total, about seventeen species of Hedgehogs are found in different parts of the world. The hedgehog’s lifespan is up to 10 years (but this is an exception).

A domestic hedgehog lives considerably longer than a wild hedgehog. The wild Hedgehog has an average life of 2 – 3 years, while a domesticated hedgehog’s average lifespan ranges between 4 – 7 years (but it depends on various factors).

Hedgehog Lifespan

As already stated, a pet hedgehog typically has an average life span of 4 – 7 years. However, some hedgehogs may live as long as 8 – 10 years. The reason is that a well-cared hedgehog lives more as many elements impact his age like the genetics of the Hedgehog, their diet, the environment in which they live, and many more.

On the other hand, a wild hedgehog has different span lengths. They have a shorter lifespan than their cousins due to their life in the wild; there is a greater risk of injury, predators, and diseases.

6 Factors Affecting a Hedgehog's Average Lifespan

If you have been thinking of having a pet Hedgehog, then you must consider these points for the long life of your pet. Besides the average life span of a hedgehog, many factors influence the life of a hedgehog-like what they are fed, etc.

Let's start discussing these factors one by one and look at how these factors impact the Hedgehog's life. So you can add years to their life to spend more memorable time with them by taking good care of them.


Just as a healthy and nutritious diet is important for humans, it's also important for your pet. If you don't get proper nutrients, you may have some health issues soon; the same goes for a hedgehog.
So take the best care of your pet and their diet. Hedgehogs need more protein and less fat ( because hedgehogs are prone to obesity).
The wild hedgehogs eat small mammals and insects, whereas the pet hedgehogs need the high- quality hedgehog food. Pet hedgehogs do consume insects such as worms or crickets etc. Moreover, you can also offer your pet some vegetables and fruit to eat. And your pet should have access to fresh water.
You can also check with the vet to find your pet's best diet.


Genes of a pet play an important role in their long or short lifespan. You don't have to do anything about Hedgehog genes; many reputable breeders are trying to produce healthy hedgehogs who aren't prone to disease and health conditions. Although it doesn't promise that the breeder hedgehogs will live longer nonetheless, it means that there is more possibility that they'll have a better shot due to their genes.

3Habitat and Environment

Although hedgehogs are itsy-bitsy, they require a large cage to run around and play in. And it would be more amazing and loving if you get them a cage with multi-levels so they can climb around and enjoy themselves.
Make sure that the cage floor is solid because if the floor is made of wires, your hedgehog feet may get caught in that. Also, place the cage comfortably somewhere warm where they can see both day and night.
Another factor is bedding because what you choose for bedding is important. Shredded paper, absorbable material, wood shaving, or recycled pelleted make fine bedding. Dusty and cedar shavings are avoided as they'll be irritating.


Hedgehogs reach maturity in the second year of their life, and after that, they can breed every year until death. There is a negligible difference in the life period of a male Hedgehog versus a female hedgehog. Male Hedgehog is likely to have a couple of months' longer lifespan than that females.


You must be aware of the common Hedgehog's diseases and their symptoms. Hedgehogs are more likely to get cancer, ringworm, ear infections, obesity, and heart diseases.
Suppose you find any difference in your pet's behavior or eating. In that case, you should consult a vet that knows how to handle hedgehogs. In addition, you should also take your pet to the vet for a monthly or yearly checkup, as healthcare plays an important role in expanding their life span.

6Proper Conditions

Before getting any pet, you must know how to take care of it and the proper way to make it feel comfortable so that it doesn't get sick.
Hedgehogs are nocturnal (they are active at night like owls). So the light sleepers may not like their late-night activity.


Hedgehog's average lifespan is between 4-7 years; however, you can surely increase the period if you take good care of your pet, like feeding your Hedgehog a diet having protein and hedgehog food. Also, hedgehogs should receive regular samplings of insects, vegetables, and fruits. Moreover, he should have proper access to clean and fresh water. The environment they live in and the conditions they live in can heavily influence their lifespans.

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