Pros and Cons of Being a Guardian Dog Owner | 5 Essential Facts To Know Before Taking Decision


Wants to own a dog and you are thinking that you should be able to become a perfect guardian dog owner? And if the answer is yes, what are the pros and cons of being a guardian dog owner?

Not everyone is capable of becoming a guardian dog owner as it has challenges and benefits too. So if you want to know whether you are a good fit or not read the pros and cons of being a guardian dog owner to make your decision much easier.

Before we jump to the pros and cons let’s discuss first the role of a guardian dog owner.


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Guardian Dog Owner:

Do you want to know what exactly a guardian dog owner is? Or do you have any clue about this role? A guardian is an individual owner or family that agrees to raise and take care of a breeder's dog as a dear pet. It is a formal contract between the breeder and the guardian that the guardian will take good care of the dog or puppy's health and allow the dog to breed at certain times before the dog is retired. Sometimes the dog becomes a permanent part of the family even after it has produced litter several times. This contract between the breeder and the guardian dog owner ensures that the dog will live a healthy and happy life. The Guardian dog owner is a decent alternative to the puppy farms where no attention, care, and love is given to any individual that needs to thrive.

Requirements For Good Guardian Dog Owner:

To become a guardian dog owner, one should meet specific criteria. Before the willing person signs the contract for the Guardian dog owner, the breeder checks the person's lifestyle, family, and home to know whether the person can take care of the dog or not. And after you have signed the formal contract, you can bring the dog/puppy home so that they can grow into healthy canines that can breed during mating seasons.
Now you may have got to know that the breeders don't give away the dogs to random persons who are incapable of taking good care of dogs; they look for a Guardian Dog Owner who's capable of providing love, care, and attention to the new pet.

The basic requirements for becoming a Guardian Dog Owner are:

Prior experience with dogs.
You must be willing to stay in the same house for a certain time.
You can teach basic commands to the dog.
You own a fully fenced yard.
You need to provide proper exercise to the dog.
Your eagerness to let the breeder visit your house.
You'll provide dog care, attention, grooming, and take it for vaccinations.
Tell the breeder when the dog's heat cycle begins.
You'll not allow the female dog to be intact with other females during the heat cycle.
You'll not allow any other person to breed other females without the breeder's consent.
Depending upon the breeder, there may be some variations in the rules and requirements.

Pros and Cons of Being a Guardian Dog Owner:

After having information about the role of a Guardian dog owner, Do you want to become one? So, before making any decision, remember that a Guardian Dog owner has certain responsibilities, and the role has pros and cons. Have you ever thought about why breeders look for Guardian dog owners? Breeders breed dogs to produce puppies for commercial and other purposes, and this process is expensive and requires much time to take care of the dogs. Breeders look for Guardian dog owners who can own the dogs. So are you ready to play your role in giving your dog a healthy and peaceful environment? Before you do make any commitment here, I've rounded up the Pros and Cons of Being a Guardian Dog Owner so that you can take the best decision.

Pros of Being a Guardian Dog Owner:

Several benefits to becoming a Guardian dog owner will surely convince you to become one. So here are the Pros of being a Guardian dog owner.

1It Reduces the cost of having a pet:

Becoming a guardian dog owner is the best option if you want to own a dog but don't have a budget. The guardian dog owner has to pay nothing to have the dog as a pet.
Moreover, a Guardian dog owner doesn't have to spend money on the dog's needs. The breeder pays for most of the dog's expenses.
The breeder only uses your space as a shelter for the dog. By becoming a guardian dog owner, you can get an expensive dog breed without spending money.
Note: Sometimes, an initial deposit is needed to bring the dog home
Most dog breeders have a contract where they charge a minimum to keep the dog, but you are free to keep the dog legally when the contract is fulfilled.
Usually, the breeders pay for the dog's food, nutritional requirements, and medical necessities, but it all depends on the breeder you are taking the dog from and the agreement you signed.
So before signing any contract, discuss everything with the dog breeder, and know how much money the breeder is willing to spend so that there is no ambiguity and you can take the dog home or go for other breeds.

2You'll get a loyal companion:

Dogs are the most faithful pets on earth. The dogs are affectionate towards their owners and have adapted themselves to become the best human companion.
Once the dog reaches a particular age, it retires from birthing puppies. When the breeder's purpose is fulfilled with the dog, they usually allow the Guardian dog owners to keep it.
Because it's very hard to relocate a dog from where they have grown up to a new environment with new people and family, the breeder can keep the dog and get a loyal life companion.
Furthermore, research shows many health benefits of keeping a dog. People having pets are less likely to have depression, BP issues, heart attacks, and many more.
So if you keep the dog after the contract expires, you are doing a favor to yourself and your dog.

3Your children will get a playmate:

If you have children at home, the dog can become their great friend with whom children can play. Additionally, children do learn many things from dogs. The children will get more sociable and kind.
A study shows that children who have a pet are kinder than the ones who don't.
A dog also understands human behavior to build a great bond with family members. You can also take a dog with your children on a walk as young dogs love to play.

4You'll have a healthy dog:

A great benefit to becoming a Guardian dog owner is getting the best of the litter. Mostly the breeders select the best, well-behaved and healthy dogs for the Guardian dog owners.
These dogs show good temperament and get friendly with the whole family in just a few days.

5You are providing a healthy and happy environment for a dog:

At the puppy farms, the breeders don't have any space, but they still keep breeding the dogs for the sake of money. The dogs have to live in crowded areas where they don't get enough space. This situation ends the dogs and puppies on the streets where they don't get a basic standard of living.
You are doing a noble deed by sparing the dog from such a miserable life. Also, when they give healthy and friendly dogs to a family that takes good care of them, the offspring are most likely to be strong and of good temperament.
Even if you buy a dog, there are no certainties about the dog's health and temperament. You don't know about the puppy's health, and sometimes you spend all your money on veterinary bills and medicines.
But with the dog breeders, that isn't the case. They provide you with the best pup with a better life expectancy. Sometimes you are also allowed to choose the dog on your own.
So if you decide to become guardian dog owner find your dog to give guardianship here in this website/marketplace

Cons of Being a Guardian Dog Owner:

Where there are pros of being a Guardian dog owner, there are also some cons of being guardian dog owner have a look at them:

1Can't move to any other place for the:

The disadvantage of being a guardian dog owner is that you cannot relocate your home to another city or state until the contract is completed. There are many reasons behind this condition.
The breeder wants you to stay close to them so that he can keep a check on the well-being of the dog. And because you have signed the agreement, you cannot deny meetings with breeders.
In short, to fulfill the duties of a guardian dog owner, you may need to cut down on your traveling plans.
Being a guardian dog owner puts a huge responsibility on yourself. So, before signing the agreement, consider all these terms and conditions.

2The breeders take away the dog before birthing:

It is probably one of the hardest times for all guardian dog owners, where they have to give the dogs yearly for some months. The breeders spend a lot on the dogs, so when the dog is about to give birth to puppies, they take them with them so the dog can give birth under their supervision.
While there is a joy that your dog will have babies, on the other side, you'll also have to go through a hard time. During this time, your emotional attachment to the dog may hurt your health.
Once the pups are grown and don't require mother milk, the breeders will return the dog to you again.
The breeders take the dog with them for about nine weeks. But can you bear the pain of giving up on your dog for weeks?

3The process can be time-consuming:

Any pet requires its owner's time and attention. So if you agree to become a Guardian dog owner, you must give your valuable time and energy to the dog.
Also, as a Guardian dog owner, it's your responsibility to train your dog by teaching it basic obedience to keep things in line. For this purpose, be consistent, as the dog may be tedious.
Teach your dog basic manners and activities based on the commands, but stay patient as it is time-consuming.
Moreover, take the dog on walks with you to socialize with other people and dogs. Daily walks give your dog a minimum required workout so that they can stay healthy too.
In addition, you also need to take time out for the dog's regular check-ups and vet visits.
All this process is very time-consuming so before owning a dog, consider how much free time you have as your pet and your family need your proper time.
If you can manage these things easily, you should become a Guardian dog owner; otherwise, it will be unfair to your family and the dog.

4You need to deal with the blood:

Female dogs experience various physical complications when they enter the heat cycle. The female dogs in the heat cycle become restless, get attracted to any male dogs, and experience vaginal bleeding and vulvar swelling.
When the female dogs go into season, they get attracted to male dogs. Mating only begins after 7-10 days in the heat period.
Furthermore, during this time, they also discharge blood. Some female dogs have minimal vaginal bleeding, while others experience heavy bleeding. You must deal with blood, whether there is less bleeding or more.
It means if you are scared of your dog's blood and their blood seems an issue to you, then you should not think of becoming a Guardian dog owner.
But if you are ready to deal with the blood, you can go for it!


Guardian dog owners play a great role in a dog's life by upbringing it in a peaceful and calm environment.
But there are also some Pros and Cons of Being a Guardian Dog Owner. While being a guardian dog owner provides you with a life companion, this role also needs you to sacrifice.
So, before you become a guardian dog owner, be sure about the responsibilities associated with this role, and in return, you may get emotional support from this little friend.

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