Which Dog Can Kill A Lion (7 Dog Breeds For Hunting Lions)


Lions are called the “KING OF JUNGLE”.  So can you imagine a lion being killed by dogs? There are Certain Dog Breeds Capable of Killing a Lion but have you ever thought about them?
After knowing that there are dog breeds capable of killing a lion then what breeds are they? Does your dog belong to one breed that can kill a lion?

So let us begin.

Top 7 Dog Breeds That Can Take Down a Lion:

There are dog breeds used for hunting other than domestic dog breeds. Are any dog breeds capable of killing a lion or putting it down? Yes, they are. Certain dog breeds can kill a lion; however, there is no way that one single dog can kill a lion. It costs multiple dogs to kill one lion. If a dog belongs to the below-mentioned dog breeds, then it possesses the ability to fight prey:


Rottweilers are highly intelligent guard dogs that are frequently considered one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. They have large muscular bodies packed into medium-sized frames. They have strong paws and powerful jaws. They are aggressive behavior that can turn foul in some situations.
They are trustworthy and loyal pet dogs that homeowners use to protect their families. If they are trained, they can be good family pets. They are used in military work as well as in custom work.
They exhibit a fearless expression and quickly attack as they sense any threat. Rottweiler has a powerful bite full of energy and aggressiveness that can kill a lion.


These dogs are a breed of the Mastiff family; they were considered the most agile among the Mastiff family. They are intelligent, playful, confident, loyal, and obedient dogs known as guard dogs or farmer dogs. Boerboel dogs have a docked tail with a height of 27 inches and can weigh up to 200 pounds.
Of course, not only size is the only factor that helps them fight against a lion. However, because of the Boerboel dog's aggression (which adds up to danger) and territorial behavior, they can fight a leopard and even lions to death. One Boerboel dog alone can kill a leopard, but they need companions to fight against a lion.


Cane Corso is an ancient breed that descends from a Roman breed (used in the war). Cane Corso is an Italian breed of Neapolitan Mastiff. It is considered one of the most athletic and powerful dog breeds. They are generally companion or guard dogs that are used for the protection of sheep and other flocks.
Cane Corso has a muscular body and can weigh up to 120 pounds. The breed does not have a large height and can grow up to 28 inches.
Cane Corso is a powerful bitter that hit the mark precisely. They have a bite force somewhere around 700 PSI which is higher than a lion's bite force. So it depends upon its well-placed bite and struggles to put a lion down.


Kangal is a Turkish breed whose height ranges from 28 – to 32 inches and weighs about 140 pounds. They are very protective and defensive dogs that protect their owners from danger. Many wild animals get scared of their aggressive attitude and large muscular body size.
The dog breeds listed above and Kangals have the most powerful bites. Kangals have an outstanding bite strength of 743 PSI, showing that the Kangal bite force is three times more effective than Doberman dogs.


A Wolf dog is a result of mating between a domesticated dog and a wolf specie. Wolf dogs are more equipped with sharp canine teeth than any other dog breed that helps them in the attack. They have quite aggressive behavior and are difficult to train, making them not a good family pet.
Wolf dogs are highly known to be aggressive, intelligent, assertive, and independent compared to other breeds. Their weight is about 60 – 120 pounds, with an average height of 23 – 33 inches. Wolf dogs have a strong bite force of about 400 PSI.
They frequently work in a pack to quickly surround and overwhelm the prey. Wolf dogs are also called pack hunters as they prey on large animals. A pack of wolf dogs can challenge a lion's strength and agility and kill it.


Dogo Argentino is a breed developed in Argentina for hunting puma, boars, and other wild animals. They are also trained for police work, rescue, and military work. They are affectionate, cheerful, loyal, friendly, tolerant, and protective dogs. However, they are friendly but still are considered to be one of the most aggressive dogs because of their aggressiveness toward strangers and other dogs.
This breed can grow up to a height of 27 inches. They have the most powerful bite force of 500 PSI that can easily kill other dogs. Dogo Argentina can stay on the attack for a prolonged time. Their intelligence, energy, strength, quick response, and forceful bite can kill a lion if they fight with their companions.


American Bandogge Mastiff, the dogs of this breed, was initially meant to be hunters. They are produced by interbreeding between American Pit Bull and Neapolitan Mastiff. The word "Bandogge" in American Bandogge Mastiff is a generic name for any Bulldog type Mastiff. The Bandogge is a very intelligent dog. These giant, short-haired dogs are easy to train.
These dogs have 29 inches and weigh up to 140 pounds. The main reason American Bandogge Mastiff stands against a lion is its powerful bite force of 730 PSI, which indicates that they are not easy to take down during a fight.


Encasing the last considerations about the topic by concluding that Lions are unbelievable hunters known as the "King of the jungle". They have the size, speed and strength, and solidarity to cut down any prey.
However, dog breeds have specific abilities to kill a lion over this multitude of distinctions. The dog breeds discussed above generally chase in a pack, which is how they can fight or even kill a lion.

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