Can Rabbit Eat Tomatoes?


Can Rabbit eat tomatoes? Are you worried about your bunny’s health and want to know whether it’s good to feed your rabbit tomatoes or not? Then you are at the right spot. I’ll answer your question in light of facts and figures. Rabbits enjoy eating their snacks, but giving them a slice of whatever you are eating is okay. Though many foodstuffs may be a good fit for humans may be unhealthy for rabbits.

The answer is that tomatoes are okay to feed your Rabbit, but the quantity matters a lot.

Rabbits belong to the family Leporidae. They have long ears, long hind legs, short tails, and have 2 pairs of constantly growing teeth called incisors. They are also known as bunny rabbits or bunnies. They are sweet furry mammals that jump around, hopping from one point to another, expressing their happiness, and, flicking their head and feet. Rabbits can be seen in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

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Rabbits Healthy Diet Plan

Just like any human, rabbits also need a combination of vitamins, nutrients, and water to help their organs function properly. Although a rabbit's nutritional requirements differ from that of humans, it's necessary to maintain their diet routine to keep them healthy and fit.

Rabbits' daily diet should include a large amount of hay and a small amount of garden-fresh vegetables in addition to a limited number of rabbit pellets. One of the most vital essential elements of rabbits' daily diet is good quality hay or fresh grass that provides them with the necessary fiber. Hay and grass comprise 80 to 85% of the overall rabbit diet. And rabbits drink 10% of water daily.

The rabbit diet is a source of protein, so make sure to feed your Rabbit a suitable diet.

Are Tomatoes okay to Feed to Your Rabbit?

Before we move forward, let me clear the misconception about a tomato as a vegetable. Botanically tomato is a fruit. Tomatoes contain a wide range of nutrients that will surely benefit your little companion, such as:

- Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins A, C, and B6.
- Contains low fat.
- High water content (approximately tomatoes are 95% water).
- Excellent source of fiber that helps rabbits in the digestion of food.
- Source of Potassium that prevents hypokalemia in rabbits.
- Tomatoes have antioxidant lycopene that prevents cell damage.
Tomatoes can be fed to your Rabbit but only in small quantities.

Tomatoes can be a treat to your Rabbit, a simple treat that rabbits will love to have. However, tomatoes should not be considered essential to a rabbit's daily routine.
A rabbit diet may contain a fruit that is a source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. It can be a tomato or any other fruit, but you must keep an eye on their quantities.

How to Feed Tomato to Your Rabbit?

Fruits are often covered in pesticides and can be harmful or toxic to your Rabbit. That's why the very first step you have to do is to wash the whole tomato (fruit) carefully. If you have plucked the tomato from your garden, remove the leaves and stem from it. The stems and leaves should not be fed to rabbits as the intensity of toxic chemicals in these parts are much high, and it can make your Rabbit sick and unhealthy.

Then cut the tomato into slices and take away the seeds from it. Seeds are not good for rabbits as they are frequently poisonous. Now feed these slices to your rabbits.

How Much Tomato is okay for a Rabbit?

We have already seen that it's okay to feed tomatoes to your rabbits, but how much? What quantity is okay for your Rabbit?

Rabbits have small stomachs as small as their size and hold 85% hay and 10% water, so they can have no more than 5% of any fruit or treat. And this portion can be fulfilled by just one flesh of the tomato.

If you exceed this quantity, that will indicate that their stomach will be filled with tomatoes, and they will not be able to maintain their daily diet. And this can result in malnutrition which can lead to different health issues in your pet.

So try to be more careful while feeding your Rabbit. Your pet must have enough hunger left over that it can chew the fibrous grass or hay to help grow its teeth.

Health Issues Due to Feeding Rabbits Tomatoes

Many problems arise if you don't follow the guidelines mentioned above:

- Pesticides: It's mandatory to wash the tomatoes; thus, it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides that can harm rabbits.
- Ripe Tomatoes: Avoid rotten tomatoes as they can cause gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea.
- High in Sugar: Tomatoes are high in sugar, and this can be a reason for various digestive problems like upset stomach and diarrhea.
- Sensitive Digestive Systems: Small rabbits have been more sensitive; that's why they should not be given any vegetables or fruits until and unless they are 3 months old.
- Obesity Issues in Rabbits: As tomatoes contain too much sugar, that that's why they are more like to cause dental problems, obesity, and diabetes in rabbits.

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