7 Ways How To Calm Down A Hyper Cat


Cute furry cats are purely a source of fun and leisure for everybody. But, it’s not always the same case. Cats are often hyperactive at a young age and it becomes hard to tackle and calm down a hyper cat at this age. Especially for those who are new to owning a cat. 

However, it always happens for a certain reason and can easily be troubleshot. If you look into the cause of this problem and find a required solution, it will no longer worry you or your cat. 

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Here are 7 ways how to calm down a hyper cat:  

1 Give Them a Nice Environment

Environment plays a vital role in grooming and maintaining your cat’s behavior. First of all, if your cat acts hyperactively, you need to check on her environment. If there’s chaos and disturbance in the household it's likely to affect your cat’s mood.
Cats are clever and genius creatures, they observe whatever happens in the house and catch the vision of it either good or bad. A sudden change in the household may interrupt your cat’s daily routine and promote hyper or aggressive behavior.
Furthermore, you’ve to be careful if you have multiple pets at your home. Cats become hyper if they don’t feel comfortable with other pets, especially cats. Create and maintain harmony between them to cut down the negative behavior.

2 Do Not Reinforce the Bad Behavior

While being more affectionate and caring to your cat, you should not disrupt your routine. This will encourage your cat’s negative behavior. She might think that she is on the right track. This will strengthen her hyperactivity, and it might be possible that she will get worse.
Do not give her exaggerated attention. Also, do not provide her with too much comfort. You might be thinking that this is insensitive but, it can save your cat’s health.
If you allow her to do it once, it will reinforce her wild behavior. This behavior will continue to adulthood because once it's fixed, it cannot be reshaped.

3 Engage Your Cat in Fun yet Productive Activities

Boredom sucks everybody. This notion is felt by animals also. Take your cat on a stride with you. Spend ample time with your cat. Going to parks, and watching the continuity of life will have a significant impact on her behavior.
Try to take a bit segment from your busy schedule and play easy, fun games with your dog. You can purchase toys that are specifically meant for dogs.
Cats have massive energy that makes them hyperactive. Give them enticing toys that make them feel as if they are preying. Do these activities 1 or 2 hours before her bedtime. This will increase their endorphin level; making them fall asleep well.

4 Underlying Health Issues

    If your cat is hyper, this may be due to underlying health issues. You need to check it if you are concerned about it. There might be some health conditions such as:

  • 1. Stress & Anxiety: a cat will try to mark her territory with inappropriate urination. They try to hide themselves to be less visible. Also, they twitch the end of their tail. If your cat shows these signs it means that she is under stress.
  • 2. Hyperthyroidism: the second possible reason is hyperthyroidism. An overactive thyroid gland leads to hyperactivity in cats. The symptoms include increased appetite, diarrhea, weight loss, excessive thirst, and vomiting.
  • If you see all these symptoms in your cat, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. The treatment includes drug therapy, surgery, or other medication as per the case.

5 Give Her Space

Your little furry creature might be in anxiety. Do not bash them, instead give them space to do whatever they like. It's important to calm them down in this stage.
If you bother them much, they might get offended and hyper. They are way too sensitive during this phase. What you can do is observe them and don’t interfere too much. They will be ok within some time.
The other thing you can do is to leave your cat alone in a room. Besides this, provide them with a litter box, food, and a cozy blanket.
Of course, you can take precautionary measures when your cat becomes violent. But remember, if you restrict them too much or scold them their mental health may break down.

6 Get Her a Companion

Your cat may act weird because she has nobody to play with. Of course, you cannot give her attention and play with her all the time. In this case, you can get her a companion which can be a cat or a dog.
In the beginning, it's possible that she will not accept the other pet. She might get offended and jealous. You have to slowly introduce the pet to eliminate such a notion.
Cats are not easy to go creatures so you have to be careful. They do not change easily nor do they leave their habits. Once they befriended others, they would no longer be dependent on you. Adopting more pets might be a little messy but you would get the fruit.

7 Engage in Safe Outdoor Activities

Increase your cat’s physical activity. It is often observed that lack of physical activity makes the animals lethargic and hyper. So, it is important to engage your cat in physical activity.
The more a cat is bored; the more she will be hyperactive. She will become upset and that is against her physical and mental well-being.
Cats love nature and they love to watch nature and birds outside. If you can’t take them out, you can leave them in your yard. She will love to be outside inhaling fresh air, playing with nature, and observing other creatures around. Albeit, don’t forget to keep an eye on her.

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