Turtle Won’t Come Out Of Shell – 5 Ways How to get a turtle out of its shell?


You got a new turtle and wondered why the Turtle Won’t Come Out of Shell! 

Turtles are adorable creatures in shells with unique traits. The Turtle’s shell is the most vital part that protects its vital organs. But some turtles are frightened and shy, that’s why the Turtle Won’t Come Out of Shell!

Then How to get a turtle out of its shell? To get a turtle out of its shell, make the Turtle feel safe. For this purpose, ensure that the environment you provide to the Turtle is relaxed and comfortable enough that the Turtle comes out of its shell.

Here are some important tips in answer to how to get a turtle out of its shell:

  • You should be patient.
  • Handle your Turtle with great care.
  • Offer your Turtle some food.
  • Maintain some distance.
  • Provide a peaceful environment so that your Turtle can feel safe.

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Turtle Won't Come Out Of Shell

There could be many reasons why your Turtle won't leave its shell. I've listed here some of the most common reasons:

1Turtle Shell Is Its Home:

Keep in mind that a turtle shell is its home; where the Turtle feels safer. Its shell structure is just like a hard bone and is made up of keratin.
A turtle's shell is attached to its rib cage and spine and has nerve endings. Any serious injury to a turtle's shell can be painful to the Turtle.
Moreover, the Turtle's shell acts as armor and protects the Turtle from external conditions and weather. You can also say that a turtle's shell is unique, and a turtle cannot survive without its shell.

2Your Turtle Is Scared:

It is one of the most common reasons a turtle won't come out of its shell. As we all know that turtles are the slowest creatures on earth and can't run away from predators, but their shell is what helps them to live in the wild. Most animals in the wild try to get the Turtle out of its shell, but they always end up disappointed.
It indicates that the Turtle's shell plays an important part in the life of a turtle by protecting the Turtle from any danger. So if a turtle feels any threat, it instantly withdraws into its shells.
That's the same case with humans; if you own any turtle and he feels scared or uncomfortable around you; the Turtle won't come out of its shell.
So if you'll get too close to your Turtle or try to touch him more often, it can make your Turtle feel more scared and threatened.

3Your Turtle Is Stressed:

Although turtles are intriguing animals, they can easily get scared and stressed. Many things can stress out a turtle. Moreover, a turtle can also be stressed if it is scared.
The Turtle can get scared by any dog, cat, or anything that tries to get too close to it. Even the sound of TV can terrify your Turtle.
You can think that anything that stresses a human can stress this little creature. And when your Turtle feels panicked and stressed, it hides in its shell.

How To Get A Turtle Out Of Its Shell

I hope you understand why a turtle won't come out of its shell. Here are some important things you can do to get a turtle out of its shell, as any enforcement can cause serious injury to your little friend. How to get a turtle out of its shell?
Be patient.
Handle Turtle with great care.
Offer the Turtle some food.
Maintain distance.
Provide a peaceful environment to the Turtle so that it can feel safe.
Let's discuss this in detail.

1Be patient:

One of the most important things you need to do to get the Turtle out of its shell is to be patient and try to win your Turtle's trust.
Don't rush; instead, give your Turtle some time to adjust. Turtles are shy creatures who want time to get comfortable and feel sheltered in a different environment. Sometimes turtles take just 2 days to adjust others may take a few weeks, depending on the Turtle itself.
So when your Turtle starts feeling comfortable and starts to get out of its shell, don't rush on it; otherwise, things will get harder. So try to give your Turtle some time to get familiar with its environment, and in that period, try to win its trust.

2Handle Turtle with great care:

The most important thing is to handle the Turtle with great care. Be kind when you pick your Turtle in your hands; don't squeeze them too hard; their shell is hard, but they still can feel the pressure. Also, place your Turtle on the floor with great care.
Your slightest mistake can scare your Turtle as in the wild, the predators pick up turtles and throw them on hard surfaces to break their shells. So if your Turtle feels the same things, it won't come out of its shell.
If you keep the Turtle in your palm, it's more likely it would know that your concern is not to harm them; instead, you want to move them from one place to another.
If you want your Turtle to come out of its shell, be gentle towards them.

3Offer the Turtle some food:

Yeah! Almost all animals are obsessed with food. Turtles also love their food. You can use the food to win the trust of your Turtle.
Place the Turtle gently on the floor and then place some food near it. After placing the food on the floor, you need to step back a little, and then you'll see your Turtle has started eating. Doing this process will help your Turtle understand that you are not trying to harm them; instead, you are taking care of them, which is a good sign.
Note: It may also happen that a turtle doesn't eat the offered food initially because he might be scared, but all you need is patience, and things will get fine.

4Maintain distance:

We all have defenses just like humans get scared; turtles can also get scared. So keep a safe distance from your Turtle to make it feel safe; after all, your house is a new and unknown place for the Turtle.
So if your Turtle doesn't eat the food you offer, it's maybe because it is sacred to your presence. There is no need to worry more as the Turtle will get used to this new place, but this process requires some time.

5Provide a peaceful environment:

Many little things stress out a Turtle and make them scared. It may be sudden movements of noise like loud noise coming from TV, loudspeaker or any other thing. A turtle can also be stressed if anyone tries to get too close.
So try to avoid such situations that can scare a turtle.

Turtle Out Of Shell

There are many reasons why the Turtle won't come out of its shell. But I'm sure after reading all the reasons and tips I explained in this article, I'm sure you'll be sure how to get a turtle out of its shell. And after practicing these basic tips, your Turtle will be out of its shell, and you'll have a great time with your little companion.

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