9 Best Fluffy Chicken Breeds For Commercial Purpose


There are plenty of chicken breeds in the world. However, it’s better to do research to meet your purpose.
If you want to own any of the fluffy chicken breeds as a pet or for commercial purposes, below is the complete guide for you!

9 Best Fluffy Chicken Breeds

1 Silkie chicken

Silkies feel like silk when touched. They have dense feathers on their bodies. Their chubbiness makes them cute. The feathers are so thick that it covers even their face including their eyes and beak.
They have black or bluish skin color under their feathers and dark grey meat. They are in different colors, red, blue, beige, black, and grey but the most common color is white. The white color makes them more like a floating cloud.
Silkies are of a very warm nature. They are easy to tame and are very genius. One of their striking characteristics is that they have five toes on each foot. While other breeds have commonly four.
Silkies are not good at laying a good amount of eggs but they are perfect brooders. This is the reason that farmers use them to incubate the eggs of other chicken breeds.
A silkie weighs 3-5 pounds.

2 Cochin Chicken

It is another type of fluffy chicken breed. It was first found in China and lately Europe. Cochin chickens are big in size. These chickens are full of feathers, especially their legs and feet.
This chicken has a wide range of colors; black, patridge, brown, blue, buff, golden-laced, silver-laced, red, and white. However, the skin beneath its feathers is yellow. The feathers of the Cochin curl outwards as if they are combed this way.
They are good mothers and like silkies, they are also good brooders. Farmers use them for exhibiting and incubation. Unlike silkies, they are good egg layers.
Cochin chicken weighs 9 to 11 pounds.

3 Frizzle Chicken

Frizzles are named after the condition of their feathers - frizzly. Its feather looks like a fluffy brush. As mentioned above, Cochin chicken is one of its kind. The other kinds of frizzle chicken include; polish, silkies, Japanese Bantams, and Barred Rocks.
They are better to keep as pets because they look cozy and decorated. While other breeds have nine to ten colors, it only has four colors; white, cuckoo, black and blue.
They are good mothers and friendly with others. The feathers are delicate and brittle which causes problems for these chickens. It has a broody nature. However, they lay 3-4 eggs a week.
It is mainly for exhibiting purposes. The United States doesn’t recognize it as a breed so if you want to exhibit them, it is very difficult also there are high chances of being mocked for this breed.
A frizzle chicken weighs 7-8 pounds.

4 Dominique Chicken

It is said to be the oldest American chicken breed and has a rose comb. It looks like it has black and white feathers but this is not actually true.
Its color is more like a hawk, it's not black and white but almost brown and greyish while its pattern is like a cuckoo. The earlobes, wattles, and eyes are in red color. Its beak, legs, and feet are yellow-orange in color.
Dominique is known for its fluffy feathers and was used to stuff pillows and mattresses in Colonial America. They are kind and friendly in their own breed and flock. However, a male Dominique turns aggressive often.
It has a good egg-laying capacity. The color of its eggs is brown and the egg-laying ratio is 4 per week. They are average brooders.
A Dominique chicken weighs 5-7 pounds

5 Australian Langshan Chicken

Langshan is the only Asiatic breed that suits southern states. This chicken is remarkably long in height because of its tall legs. Even its height can grow to 3 feet. Langshan is an active breed of chicken.
The feathers are in black color and have a glossy sheen. However, it is found in white and blue colors also. The comb has red color. Its breast is fuller and thicker which means that it's enriched with white meat.
This fluffy chicken is easy to rear and also fast-growing. The mothers are faithful and responsible for their chicks.
The color of its eggs is brown and the size is medium. Its egg-laying capacity is 3 eggs per week. It is also known to be broody.
A Langshan chicken weighs 7-8 pounds.

6 Ameraucana Chicken

Ameraucana chicken is an American chicken breed. It is known for its unique quality of laying blue eggs. American Poultry Association added it to the list of “standards of perfection”.
This chicken has a variety of colors; black, blue wheaten, blue, white, silver, buff, red-brown, and wheaten. Its earlobes, comb, and wattles are in red color. Their eyes are in the reddish bay color.
It has been perceived to somewhat multiple behaviors. On one edge it is a docile bird and on the other it is frivolous. It is friendly and social among its own breed usually. Sometimes it's hard for them to bear cold weather.
Interestingly blue eggs have no distinct nutrients. They are just like brown, white, and wheatish eggs. Ameraucanas are non-broody.
Ameraucana chicken weighs 5-7 pounds.

7 Sultan Chicken

This breed originated in Turkey. its original name in the Turkish language is Serai-Tavuk. This is a fancy bird that is used to enhance the beauty of the gardens.
Sultan chicken is the smallest in size and is super fluffy. It is engulfed in fur all around. This chicken has only one color which is pure white. Decorative plumage, long tail, and puffy head make this bird enchantingly beautiful.
Sultans have also 5 toes on each foot which is a distinct characteristic. They are not broody and are mainly for the purpose of beautifying houses or exhibiting in exhibitions. It lays 1 egg per week.
A Sultan chicken weighs 5-6 pounds.

8 Brabanter Chicken

Brabanter chicken is the ancient breed of chicken that originated from Brabant. It is a Dutch breed. They are famous for their V-shaped crest and crown of feathers atop their head.
Brabanters have a variety of colors and patterns; blue, white, black, silver, gold, chamois, and mahogany. They have a beard and extra feathers which make their wattles and earlobes almost invisible.
Brabanter is said to be an intelligent bird. They are a little noisy yet very social. The density of the feathers helps them to protect from harsh and cold weather.
Brabanters are multi-purpose. They are excellent egg layers. On the other hand, they can be used for display purposes.
A Brabanter chicken weighs 4-5 pounds.

9 Yokohama Chicken

This is a German breed and was later introduced to Japan. It is also known as the Phoenix breed. Yokohamas are famous for their long tails.
There are two varieties found in Yokohama. The German Yokohama can be seen in white and saddle-red colors. Whereas, Britain Yokohama has a palette of colors; black-red, golden, silver, spangled, blue-red, black-tailed buff.
Yokohamas are mainly for ornamental purposes. Their egg-laying capacity is 1 egg per week. They are friendly and easy-going. It's a good decision if you want to have them as pets.
A Yokohama chicken weighs 4-5 pounds.

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